Probate and Letters of Administration

Probate is the proving of a will of a deceased person in the Supreme Court. Probate confirms the appointment of an Executor to administer the deceased’s estate.victoria-court-logo

Probate involves the following:

  • Advertising on the Supreme Court website the intention of the Executor/Executors to apply for probate of the deceased;
  • affidavit by the Executor/Executors of the deceased estate confirming their appointment;
  • Listing the assets and liabilities of the deceased and lodging such list with the Supreme Court
  • confirming the Will and Death Certificate of the deceased;
  • conducting searches at the Supreme Court for any other Wills or previously lodged Probate application


Letters of administration is the application by an administrator to be authorised to deal with the assets of the estate of a deceased who did not leave a valid Will.